Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some thoughts on extremist "art"

On hearing about the new shock film: 'A Serbian Film" - which I must state I have not seen but relied on several reviews and reports -  I shared my thoughts on Facebook thus:

The problem I have with rubbish like this is that it so often works as a substitute for talent. A rubbish film or album this controversial will attract controversy, people watch/listen because of curiosity, therefore the makers get money and that motivates the next bunch of talentless tossers to do something even worse. I always hold Roy Chubby Brown up as one such example of controversay trumping talent.

The real answer to such nonsense is to ignore it and shrug our shoulders at people trying to get our attention by being obscene, but for some reason the human race struggles to do that.

This is, of course, not to suggest that every offensive figure lacks talent. Eddy Murphy is a great comedian and Marilyn Manson are a good band. 

I've just read the "reception" section on wikipedia for this film. I think one reviewer made a good point and one that I forgot to mention - rubbish artists, actors and producers who make obscene rubbish always turn it into a) a battle against censorship or b) some pseudo-allegorical nonsense about politics, society or human psyche
It looks like the producers of this movie may have done both.
When told a piece of art has undertones, we try to find them, but it's often a case of 'The Emperors New Clothes'.
Necrophilia is not an allegory for the Sebian independence movement or a cry for freedom of speech. It's just bloody sick.

To be fair, imdb does have some intelligently written reviews defending the film.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lest we forget

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I normally don't look at UAF sites as they are worthless, hateful trash but just out of curiosity I looked today to see if they mentioned this. Surprise, surprise, no poppy or sign of respect, no mention of this incident and raving about their secretary having charges against him dropped as it would affect "the right to protest". The biggest threat to the "right to protest" is those fascist, violent, hate filled UAF scum.

Aplogies for the lack of articulation but I felt so angry after reading this.

Lest we forget, and may they rest in peace.