Monday, 12 October 2009

If I had one year in power, I would…..

Immediate halt on unchecked immigration. A return to the points system. A task force to return illegal immigrants home.

A referendum EU membership.

A 5% pay cut for all MPS and financial penalties for anyone abusing the expenses system.

A move to change the House of Lords at least 30% elected.

A task force and separate think tank to review and revise economic policy.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Abolition of all wind farms, funding of nuclear power projects.

Massive review of police powers and criminal law, especially juvenile law.

Zero tolerance drugs laws.

Abolition of the HRA.

Restoration of grammar schools.

Abolition of the new runway at Heathrow. Expansion of rail networks.

New citizen powers, similar to the ‘citizens arrest’ that allow members of the public to kick Portsmouth fans and far leftists in the nuts once per 24 hours.

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