Sunday, 29 November 2009

AGW Simplified

Now that the CRU scandal is in its initial death throes, we can see everyone returning to form. Leftists are attempting to Jedi mind trick the public into believing they hold the moral high ground, as though the multifaceted lies had never taken place, let alone been disclosed. Indeed, it seems there will be no further punishments for those who actively deceived the public with the use of taxpayers money.

For some people, this is just a matter of point scoring. For me, it goes much further than that. I've already explained why I object to so much of the input on the AGW debate, and I've explained why it;s important that we put our faith in people actually qualified to run their mouth on the topic. For those people to betray us, is criminal. The eccentric chap at Devil's Kitchen has a very useful flowchart to explain the climate change psyche.

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