Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A most merry Christmas

I usually turn reflective at this time of year. I talk about hopes and resolutions, I look back on events of the year and end on a positive note.

I don't know why but this year it's not in me. I don't see much hope for UKIP, I don't see any hope that The Tories will lose the election and open the door for true conservatives.

Yet on a personal level it's positive. I've made the Dean's list for the first time n my life, I'm in good health and the family are well.

I'll certainly be enjoying the festive period. I'll be doing it as traditionally as one possibly can in Asia and there will be presents aplenty.

After that though, I'll be looking for signs of hope. For signs that the fight is not yet over, that we can get the heck out of the corrupt and dictatorial EU, that Britain is not drowned under political correctness, that someone can overcome the fake conservatives and that somehow the mess can be undone.

Merry Christmas everyone. Let all of us on the right work together next year. That's our only chance.

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