Monday, 20 September 2010

A letter I had published

So, Dr Ajong Chumsai na Ayudhya warns us in a conference that Bangkok will be under water in seven years, and it's all due to human activities and, apparently, the displacement of the earth's crust.

I wish I had been there to ask the good doctor two questions following his presentation. Firstly: Where is the evidence for these chilling, apocalyptic claims? I've seen plenty of data confirming natural disasters are, if anything, currently occurring at slightly below average frequency, and absolutely no evidence that polar bears will be extinct in six years. In fact, their numbers are currently holding up very well indeed. As for sea levels rising by six metres, even the IPCC climate-change panel has said nothing so ridiculous.

My second question would then be: Are you under some financial incentive to produce and follow up on these chilling warnings? We all know that taxpayers are more likely to part with their earnings when buttered up with a few scary stories beforehand.

In any case, I'm willing, quite literally, to bet my Bangkok house that the doctor is totally wrong and that Krung Thep will still be here and above water in 70 years, never mind seven.



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