Tuesday, 16 March 2010

and there's more!

Following on from my comments yesterday concerning government agencies being used as political weapons, it seems the Equality Commission has let the power go to its head:

Most police forces in England and Wales still unfairly target black and Asian people in their use of stop and search powers, the equality watchdog has said.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission said it could not rule out legal action against some forces.

Source:  This BBC article

The report also voices concerns that ethnic minorities are "over represented in the criminal justice system."  In other words , there are too many of them in jail. I agree, I say we let all the black and Asian robbers out of jail right now.

Notice that nowhere during the report is the actual rate of crime per ethnic group discussed. If, and I say if, the rates of crime matched the amount of stop and searches, wouldn't that be justified?

It's a moot point in modern Britain. What has happened to us?

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