Monday, 15 March 2010


The BNP has been fined after the court determined its constitution was still "racist". The court was ruling on legislation introduced by the government and the BNP had been charged by the Equality Commission which is, of course, a branch of the government.
Does nobody else see the problem here? The only reason there has been less outcry is because of fear that any objection would be spun as support for the BNP.

The Labour government has told us that we are terrorists until proven otherwise (ID Cards) , we are patriotic by sending our troops to war without the proper equipment (Afghanistan) and that we are idiots (WMDs in Iraq).

They couldn't be much worse, but I fear David Cameron could prove me wrong if he gets into power. I pray he doesn't. The gap is closing.


The Popular Alliance got its first mention in 'Private Eye' magazine a few issues back. As part of the 'Alliance for Democracy' that includes Popular Alliance, UK First, English Democrats and the Christian Party. The group received coverage for a large donor who has also contributed huge amounts to the Tories. Hopefully this member of the Christian Party has, ahem, seen the light!

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